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There are gastronomic events that fall into oblivion and others that edition after edition are consolidated in the national panorama of the gastronomic sphere, such as the Córdoba Califato Gourmet, which is now in its third edition and each year with better proposals and more acceptance. both by professionals in the sector and the general public.

Three days, on September 25, 26 and 27, full of intense activity, presence of great chefs from the cuisine of our country, and enjoy being able to taste haute cuisine in a wonderful place such as the city of Córdoba.

The participating chefs

With a luxury cast, this is how we could define the cast of chefs who have participated this year in the Córdoba Califato Gourmet. And it is that this edition has had great chefs such as:

  • Mario Sandoval from the Coque restaurant in Humanes (Madrid) with 2 Michelin stars and 4 Repsol soles.
  • Paco Pérez de Miramar in Llança (Girona) with 5 Michelin stars and 5 Repsol soles.
  • Pablo González Conejero of the La Cabaña restaurant in El Palmar (Murcia) with 1 Michelin star and 3 Repsol soles.
  • Pepe Solla de Solla in Salvador de Poio (Pontevedra), with 1 Michelin star and 3 Repsol soles.
  • Marcos Morán from Casa Gerardo from Prendes (Asturias), with 1 Michelin star and 3 Repsol suns.
  • Kisko García from Choco restaurant in Córdoba
  • Paco Morales from the Noor restaurant, in Córdoba.
  • Celia Jiménez from the Celia Jiménez restaurant in Córdoba.
  • José Roldán de Córdoba, Spanish Pastry Champion and European Pastry Champion

Caliphate "In the Street", good cuisine assaults the street

In Córdoba Califato Gourmet, good cuisine is not only confined to restaurants, it went out onto the streets and in what way! With Califato “In the Street”, 32 Cordovan establishments showed their good work in the kitchen, presenting a tapa each one of them that could be tasted in the Bulevar de Gran Capitan, and later the public voted for their favorites.

On the other hand, the Michelin Star chefs also valued the three that for them were the best, in technique, taste and presentation. Thus, from both votes came the six winning tapas, which will be lucky enough to rub shoulders with the best chefs in the next edition of Show Cooking in 2017, which I will tell you about later.

Many are the people of Cordoba, who wanted to enjoy the Caliphate "In the Street" in this last edition, despite being a working day and the blazing sun that shone over Córdoba at that time. And if there were already people last year, this year the public was even more numerous and eager to enjoy the good cuisine of their land.

In the end, the winning establishments were by the chefs, Gastrobar Arrocería el Buen Comer, with its cover Sueño del Califa from "Good Eating"; La Siesta Restaurant, with its roasted knuckle with fig sauce and poplar mushrooms and La Montillana Tavern with a low-temperature cuttlefish roe cap with teriyaki sauce and honey.

For their part, the public chose the cover of the Arbequina Restaurant, which consisted of oxtail gyozas, strawberry kimchee and pack-choy; La Viuda Restaurant, in Almodovar del Río with its crispy prawns with romescu sauce and black rice and finally the North and South Tavern with a Califa Lamb.

The "Dinner with 6 hands", gastronomic luxury in a place with a duende

In the evening, Córdoba was gala to enjoy a 6-handed dinner, a great luxury where the six chefs offered in the beautiful room of the Cordovan Real Círculo del Amistad, a menu composed of different dishes, each with the stamp of their chef .

Upon arrival, they began by welcoming us with three jewels from the province of Córdoba, the D.O. Pedroches, the D.O de Priego de Córdoba oil and the Fino D.O. Montilla Moriles. The night is promising and the public, 125 people who wanted to be at the Royal Circle of Friendship that night, were already feeling eager to enjoy that long-awaited Dinner with 6 hands.

Dinner began by showing us the bread, an original proposal by master baker José Roldán, which was served in a small tin in the style of the classic Campbell tomato soup. A kind of dough roll in the style of puff pastry rolled in two colors, which gave the table a cheerful note.

The aperitif came from Kisko García, from Cordoba, who did not disappoint his guests with a plate of "Herring on the slide" and with which we all agreed that it was one of the most successful of the night.

The starters were two, presented by Pepe Solla (Stewed vegetables, celeriac and ground) and Mario Sandoval (Pickled Nacarí sturgeon, monkfish and sea bream with sea fennel pickled in albillo grape vinegar and miso).

The main dishes were Hake with leeks and Bearnesa (warm dish), by Marcos Morán, another of the star dishes of the dinner due to the perfect point achieved in the fish, also a free-range Gallo, cashew and mole ajoblanco, by Pepe Solla , as well as honeyed oxtail ravioli braised bull, with its marinated sirloin and spicy cochinita juice, prepared by Mario Sandoval.

Finally, Marcos Morán offered Prendes Cream of rice pudding for dessert.

The Show Cooking, Cordovan chefs rub shoulders with the great Michelin stars

As the culmination of this 2016 Gourmet Caliphate, a showcooking was held in which the six Michelin star chefs participated together with the winning establishments of the 2015 tapas contest. Each one prepared a representative tapa of their cuisine, a total of 15 tapas, because at Nine of the invited chefs were joined by the six chefs who created the winning tapas last year.

Paco Pérez with “Bikini”; Mario Sandoval with “Saam of honeyed cochineal hand with Cantonese sauce”; Pablo González-Conejero with "Pickled mackerel gyoza"; Marcos Morán with "Fabada de Prendes"; Pepe Solla with “Vieira en aguachile de maracuyá” and Kisko García with his “Menudo de feninojo”.

In addition, Cordovan cook Celia Jiménez prepared "White prawn, roasted tomato and tiger's milk gazpachuelo", while chef Paco Morales offered "Aubergine abuñuelada with cane honey". Finally, the pastry chef and baker José Roldán presented the only sweet tapa of the event, “Pastel joy”.

Of the winning establishments in 2015, Hospes Palacio Bailío presented with “Chili prawn with plankton brioche”, Catering Charlotte with an “Arabic pastry; La Taberna Corona with its “Iberian roafpork toast with parmesan”, El Paseo with “Tuna over regañá from Montilla Moriles, creamy peach and lime air”; La Siesta presented a “Braised venison loin on rustic bread” and finally, Sibarita Fussión with a tapa that they called “Córdoba history and fusion”.

The Royal Circle of Friendship room, full of people enjoying these tapas, became a gastronomic spectacle, perfect to close this busy Gourmet Caliphate of 2016.

Recognition of a job well done

Córdoba has realized that events like this Gourmet Caliphate put it in the spotlight of the national gastronomy, attracting people from Cordoba, but also many visitors from other parts of the country.

That is why the Provincial Tourism Board, dependent on the Córdoba Provincial Council, has recognized the “Córdoba Califato Gourmet” as “Best Tourist Product”, granting it an award for being an innovative and successful event both in its development and in production and marketing . This award will be presented at the Córdoba Tourism Gala to be held in October in Palma del Río.

Córdoba Califato Gourmet has ended for this year, but with the certainty that in twelve months it will return with more strength, more prestige and above all, with very good gastronomy.

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