If you've switched to veganism to lose weight, these nine tips can help you get there


Many are the people who consider following a vegan diet to lose the extra kilos once and for all. However, there are many vegan foods that do not contribute to this at all, so if you have switched to veganism to lose weight, these nine tips can help:

Base your diet on real foods

The first and great key to achieving weight loss with a vegan diet is to eliminate the ultra-processed and base the diet on real foods.

That is, potato chips, breakfast cereals, vegan granola bars and other commercial snacks as well as vegan ice creams or other highly industrialized products should be reduced to the maximum in your diet.

These foods, although they are vegan in general, have a low nutritional profile as happens with other ultra-processed ones, and they are not satiating at all.

Therefore, it is best to go to real foods such as oatmeal, quinoa or brown rice in replacement of breakfast cereals, baked and homemade chips or fresh fruit and vegetable sticks to replace commercial snacks and 100% fruit ice cream.

Reduce sources of carbohydrates

When we switch to a vegan diet, it is common to choose in addition to fruits and vegetables, more legumes, cereals and derivatives of these. Thus, it is not uncommon for us to gain weight instead of losing weight because we base our diet on foods that are high in carbohydrates.

Although these foods are very healthy and it is not necessary to eliminate them to lose weight, it is very helpful to reduce their presence at the usual table. That is, moderate the amount of pasta, whole grains, flours and derivatives that we consume daily and, on the contrary, prioritize legumes that are more satiating due to their richness in fiber and vegetable proteins and also increase the consumption of fresh fruits and vegetables. .

Increase vegetable protein sources

Proteins are one of the foods that offer the most satiety and therefore, we must increase them while reducing carbohydrates if we are looking to lose weight.

Thus, we can go to legumes such as soybeans and peanuts that also provide quality fats. And also use derivatives of these such as textured soy, peanut butter, tofu and others.

Also seitan could be an option, as well as nuts, seeds and dried algae such as spirulina which is one of the main sources of vegetable protein.

Avoid sugar, syrups and syrups

Many sugars are of 100% plant origin and therefore are included in vegan products. However, both table sugar and brown or whole sugar, syrups or syrups are considered by the WHO to be free or added sugars and should be reduced.

They do not satiate at all and on the contrary, in excess they favor weight gain, of course hindering our attempt to lose weight.

Therefore, in its replacement we recommend going to sweeteners, these can be artificial or natural and totally vegetable like stevia that we can well prepare at home.

Choose water as your usual drink

Juices, commercial flavored waters and soft drinks are mostly 100% vegetable and that is why if we simply look for vegan options we can make the mistake of choosing them as a regular drink.

Both juices and soft drinks and other flavored drinks offer sugars that are quickly absorbed, that is, free or added sugars that, as we said before, we should reduce as much as possible in our diet if we want to lose weight.

Therefore, it is best ## to choose water as your usual drink, which hydrates us without providing calories or poor-quality nutrients for the body.

Reduce alcohol intake as much as possible

Although not always, many alcoholic beverages are suitable for vegans and within them we not only find alcohol that is an obstacle when losing weight and burning fat, but also, they can offer sugars.

It is an addictive substance with no benefit to our body and that in any diet should be reduced as much as possible to protect health, this being very beneficial when losing weight.

If we wish, we can eventually access drinks without alcohol or sugars as a replacement, such as a cocktail made at home based on fruits.

Avoid fried foods

Fried foods are a cooking method that adds a lot of fat and therefore calories to preparations. Although it is 100% acceptable on a vegan diet, it is not recommended when losing weight and taking care of your health.

Instead we recommend using the oven to cook for example potato chips or sweet potatoes.

Cook more at home

The food that we can obtain in any restaurant always has more calories, fat, sugar and sodium than what we can create at home with our own hands.

For this reason, when losing weight it will not do us any good to consume a vegan burger but on the contrary, it is an ultra-processed that we recommend avoiding.

Whenever possible, it is better to opt for homemade dishes in which we can control everything from the ingredients to the cooking methods and the portions, something very helpful when we are looking to lose weight.

Do not forget to accompany with exercise

Any vegetable diet is not effective to lose weight, but you have to take into account the quality and quantity of what you eat as has been shown in the advice given above.

But in addition to diet, it is important to add exercise to your daily life, since with this you can increase spending, gain muscle and thus activate your metabolism so that losing weight is easier.

With these nine tips, you can lose weight with a vegan diet and other healthy habits.

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