Spatial technology for hams


Although it sounds like an invention of Professor Bacterio, the space ham (not special) has arrived. Yes, as you read it, space technology has reached the world of the pig and more specifically to its healing process. Esteban Espuña, a Catalan company dedicated to the production of hams and cold cuts, uses a special sensor to measure the amount of water contained in its pieces.

However, this appliance was not designed for something as earthy as hams. Initially, his goal was to control the body parameters of astronauts in microgravity, measuring the flow of body fluids. And from astronaut to ham, there is a long journey started by the European Space Agency for the Transfer of Space Technology.

In Spain, the person in charge of coordinating these actions is Inasmet-Tecnalia (a company in the Basque Country specialized in technological innovation), which put the two companies in contact. One developed technology that measures the content and distribution of water in bodies, and the other needed to find a means with which to control the curing and cooking process of its products.

And why do companies need to know the amount of water that hams retain? The answer is simple: to eliminate unnecessary and excess salt. The curing process is critical in the development of a ham and more than to obtain the curing denomination it is necessary to present specific levels of water retention.

Via | The World Directly to the Paladar | How to cut a ham?

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