Thermomix, Lidl, Cecotec, Taurus ... Practical guide to choose the Kitchen Robot that best suits you


A few years ago, having a kitchen machine at home was reserved for the most comfortable pockets or professional chefs. Although the Thermomix was quite popular and offered all kinds of paid amenities, being the only option this luxury was not suitable for all audiences.

Over time and thanks to the popularity that it gained, somewhat cheaper alternatives began to emerge, until it became so normal that right now we can include this small appliance in our kitchen for barely 200 euros.

Now the task is to choose the right one among so many offers, because not always the most expensive or the one that includes the most functions is the one that best suits our routine. It is of little use to invest a little more in a robot with a low temperature cooking function if it is not something that we are going to take advantage of, for example.

The details to consider before buying

The kitchen is accessible to everyone with this type of robot, since most of them are super intuitive, it has instructions to make your recipes step by step and it even allows you to prepare everything from healthy recipes to desserts and other whims.

For this reason, brands such as Cecotec or Taurus have launched to create their own version, making the offer in kitchen machines increase so much that it can be difficult to choose one. Before launching for yours you must take into account several aspects:

The capacity

If you live alone or are a large family, it is important to take into account the capacity of your future robot, since, although each recipe indicates the amount of servings you are going to prepare, it is of little use to have a giant hulk occupying your kitchen if generally your plates are for one.

The materials

Obviously, the higher the quality of the robot, the price increases, but investing in durable materials always ensures a longer service life. Although if your plan is to use it a little, it may be worth reducing your budget and sacrificing a little quality in the materials.

Number of functions

As with the materials, the more functions the robot performs, the more expensive it will be, so it is convenient to be clear that we want to work with our robot. Simple recipes for daily menus or do we want to experiment and create complex recipes? For the avoidance of doubt, these are some of the most common functions that are considered essential to invest in your Robot:

  • Chop, chop, shred or grind, they may look similar but they are not and they are all quite useful.
  • Stir fry, an essential basic for almost all dishes.
  • Knead, to create our own breads, pizzas and the like.
  • Of course boiling, cooking and keeping food hot are essential essentials.
  • Other options are a matter of taste such as the yogurt maker or cooking at a low temperature to maintain the properties of the food and enhance its flavor.
  • Scale with Tara function (so controversial these days because of the fight between Lidl and Thermomix) to accurately weigh the necessary quantities.
  • Integrated Wifi to be able to consult recipes online from the Robot itself.

That said, we collect the most interesting ones that we find on popular websites like Amazon:

Cecotec Mambo 9090

This national brand robot promises to perform up to 30 functions: chop, chop, grind, grind, pulverize, grate, beat, mount, emulsify, mix, cook, stir, steam cook, poach, confit, knead, boil, keep warm, ferments, slowmambo, cooks with precision grade by grade, cooks in a bain-marie and has a turbo function, among others. Allowing to carry out up to 4 elaborations at the same time.

Cecotec Mambo 9090 Multifunction Kitchen Robot. Havana Jug with Ceramic Coating, 30 Functions, Built-in Scale, 3.3 Liter Stainless Steel Jug Dishwasher Safe

Price on Amazon € 248.99 Price on Cecotec € 249.00 Price on Media Markt € 339.00

It also has a digital display to make everything more intuitive and an intelligent heating power system that controls the temperature in 10 levels to avoid culinary disasters.

In addition, the price on Amazon includes two types of jugs: one made of stainless steel and the other with ceramic coating for 299,248.99 euros. It's no wonder it's the best seller on the web.

Cecotec Mambo 10090

We repeat with Cecotec because it has just launched its version 10090 of Mambo and although it is similar to the previous ones, it includes new features such as the integrated brand app and Wi-Fi.

It includes like the rest of the Mambo with the necessary elements to cook both in the robot and in the steam: steamer, ladle, some blades and a kneading blade, butterfly, tongue and also with two jugs. One in steel and the other with porcelain coating.

One of the differences to take into account is that it comes with an integrated safety system that alerts you in the event that the robot's lid is not properly closed, important since the speeds that the robot can reach can cause more than a drama in the kitchen if not.

Cecocet Mambo 10090 Kitchen Robot. With APP, MamboMix Spoon, Habana Jug, 30 functions, Built-in Scale, Stainless Steel Jug, Capacity 3.3 liters

Price at Amazon € 449.00 Price at Cecotec € 449.00 Price at Media Markt € 449.00

At Amazon we already have it for 449 euros (and free shipping), so considering the differences, you have to choose if the higher price is more convenient than its predecessor.

Taurus Mycook Easy

From the hand of Taurus we have this kitchen robot, it may not be as popular as the very expensive Thermomix, but it allows you to comfortably do a good number of common operations in the kitchen: chop, grind, crush, emulsify, make broths, creams , cook pasta ... all in a single appliance. In addition, it cooks by induction, being capable of reaching up to 120º. It has a power of 1600W and its control panel promises to be the most simple and intuitive.

Taurus Mycook Easy Intelligent Multifunction Kitchen Robot, 1600 W, 2 liters, Plastic, 10 Speeds, Stainless Steel, in Steamer, Black // White

RRP on Amazon € 299.00

It incorporates a scale, so you can measure each food, and its glass has a capacity of 2 liters. A glass that, as the manufacturer promises, we can easily clean, putting water into the jug with a few drops of soap and giving several turbo strokes. The cheapest option (299 euros) does not include the accessory for steaming, but if you prefer this accessory you have the pack also on sale for 659 299 euros.

ChefBot Compact

For less than 225 euros on Amazon, the Chefbot from the Spanish brand Ikohs, can be the definitive slowcost multifunction kitchen robot, as long as we are not complete newbies in the kitchen. It may not have the power and professional results that robots like the Thermomix, Kewnwood or Cook Expert offer, but the price difference is stark.

IKOHS CHEFBOT Compact STEAMPRO - Multifunction Kitchen Robot, Steam Cooker, 23 Functions, 10 Speeds with Turbo, 2.3 L Stainless Steel Bowl, BPA Free (with Steamer and Recipe Book - White)

RRP on Amazon € 224.95

It has 23 functions: cook at low temperature, cook, sauté, crush, mince, boil, Steaming at 3 levels, Stir slowly, fry, grind, confit, blanch, ferment, whip, beat, emulsify, knead, keep warm , cook in a bain-marie, grate, chop, turbo and simmer.

If you are looking for a robot that cooks, with a decent power, and that offers many functions in a single appliance, it can be a great bet that does not require a large investment. Now, if we are only going to use it to grind, beat or grind, perhaps it would be convenient to take a better look at the processors or mixers.

Monsieur Cuisine Plus

The one that they say is the most similar to the Thermomix, with a much lower price of around 300 euros, this version of the kitchen robot that Lidl has created runs out every time it is uploaded to the web.

Among its automatic functions, we highlight that it allows kneading, steaming, frying, it has a reverse function to work dough or stir soups (all with an integrated scale).

But it also cooks, sautées, steams, whips, mixes, chops, crushes, chops ice, etc. With up to 10 speeds and extra turbo button to beat with the pulse function. If it is the one that interests you the most, you have to pay attention to the Lidl website for when they replenish stock again.

Moulinex Cuisine Companion

On the part of Moulinex we find this kitchen robot, designed for recipes for groups of up to 6 people thanks to its 4.5-liter capacity, being able to whisk, knead, mix, steam, prepare sauces and soups, etc. It has six direct programs for sauce, two for soups, three for slow cooking, two for steam, three programs for dough, one for dessert, and the manual mode to create our own recipes.

Moulinex Cuisine Companion HF806E10 Kitchen robot 6 programs, 4.5 L for up to 6 people, 12 speeds and temperature from 30º to 130º, keep warm function 45 min

Price in Amazon € 599.00 Price in Media Markt € 649.00 Price in El Corte Inglés € 699.00

In addition to its large capacity stainless steel bowl, it incorporates five utensils that replace 12 kitchen elements, achieving optimal results according to the manufacturer: multi-blade blade, serrated multi-blade blade, kneading / grinding blade, mixer, mixer and steamer. It also has XL fixing of the base for greater security. All this for 599 euros.

Taurus Mycook Touch

Again Taurus sneaks into this analysis with its slightly higher-end kitchen robot, the Taurus Mycook Touch with integrated Wi-Fi connection to be able to interact with it from our mobile or tablet thanks to its app (with which you can send the recipes to your robot and prepare the shopping list) in addition to a 7-inch touch screen.

As for the cooking options, it is designed for experts thanks to its manual mode and for not so advanced thanks to its way of working with guided recipes (you can find some in its recipe book or on the brand's YouTube channel) that only works via wifi connection.

Taurus Mycook Touch Black Edition - Kitchen Robot, wifi, 1600W, 2L, up to 140 degrees, multifunction, more than 8000 recipes, 2-level Steamer and basket

Price at Amazon € 799.00 Price at El Corte Inglés € 890.00

It heats by induction and among other features it includes 10 speeds, special functions such as stir-frying, kneading or balance and fulfills the following cooking techniques for you: grind, pulverize, grate, mince, crush, chop, emulsify, mount, steam and prepare broths. Its capacity, up to 2 liters, is designed to feed from 4 to 6 people. You have it on Amazon from 1199 799 euros.

Thermomix TM6

And what better way to end this guide than with one of the most popular high-end kitchen robots, the much desired Thermomix, which, despite the increase in competition, is still a favorite and its latest model is the TM6 that we can request through the official website of the distributor brand.

This version, in addition to the well-known functions such as chopping, kneading and cooking, also allows fermentation to create our own yogurt or even cook sous-vide. To find out about prices and forms of payment you have to fill out the form on the web.

Some of the links posted here are from affiliates. Despite this, none of the articles mentioned have been proposed either by the brands or by the stores, their introduction being a unique decision of the team of editors.
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