Everything you need to cook and improve your meat recipes

If last week I spoke to you in this section about everything you need to cook your fish dishes, today we raise a similar topic with meat recipes. Today we tell you everything you need to cook and improve your meat recipes.

In Directo al Paladar, we have many recipes with meat, both to make it roasted, grilled, grilled or even cooked at low temperature. You only have to choose which recipe you want to prepare to find many possibilities to make it successfully. Today we tell you some tips and tricks so that our meat recipes are perfect for you and come out the first time.

Everything you need to cook and improve your meat recipes

Meat can be cooked in many ways and that is why it is such a versatile food.

To make recipes with long cookings such as beef stews, we recommend using a cocotte like this one from Cecotec that we have found at a special price of 44 euros or if you are in a hurry a good express pot like the Perfect WMF that we can have at home in a few days for about 105 euros-, taking advantage of the offers we have found on Amazon.

For roasts in the oven, it will be useful to have ample sources for roasting large pieces such as the shoulder, the round or the tail of veal, which always give a spectacular result such as the roast beef with pumpkin sauce that you have on this paragraph. For about 16 euros you can make it in a beautiful rectangular font of a good size like this, in white, or if you prefer something more colorful, for 3 more uros we find the Staub brand fonts, or those of Le Creuset, all of them from great quality.

If you want to grill meat in a frying pan, you can try DeBuyer's, which have a specific frying pan for meat that we really liked. With its striped plot and its price below 27 euros, it is a good acquisition.

To imitate the technique of the embers, we can cook the meat on this electric grill to continue enjoying barbecues, inside our homes. If you want to make good burgers, grilled entrecôte or sirloins at its point, I recommend that you try LeCreuset cast iron grills, like this one that we have found at 95 euros and with their special enameling it can last a lifetime.

We finish with the technique of double cooking or cooking at low temperature + final browning like the one we use in the recipe for beef skirt with oriental lacquer. To use this technique you will need a sousvide oven or an immersion circulator like the one we have found for around 110 euros. Once the meat is cooked, you can brown it in any of the pans or plates that we have recommended, to give it a special touch.

Low temperature skirt recipe with oriental lacquer

Once you have decided what recipe you are going to prepare, it is also important that you consider what cutlery you are going to use to taste it. It is important to use knives that cut well and forks that pierce the meat slices well, to be able to enjoy your favorite recipe without having to struggle with the cut. For meats, we recommend these 12-piece kits from Zwilling or these others from Arcos that you can have at home for 38.97 euros.

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