Tomatoes "Huevos de toro"


The news that has aroused my most curious interest has been that many restaurants throughout Spain are placing orders for tomatoes called "toro eggs". I had heard something similar in my life so I tried to do some more research on these tomatoes.

The care and production works are carried out on a series of farms in Alcalá la Real, Frailes and other villages in Alcalá (in Jaén). It is made completely by hand, with irrigation and with great care the harvest is being carried out. In addition, this year the production has had problems due to the weather that has not been convenient for this type of vegetables and production has been delayed for more than a fortnight, but with the increase in temperatures, the harvest is maturing and in the first days of the month of August they will begin to send this type of tomatoes to their main customers.

Tomatoes are characterized first of all by their size. I imagine that hence the name "bull eggs". Also because of the unique shape they have at the base.

They also have other types of characteristics that I will detail.

In its composition, vitamin C stands out, it contains 19.2mg / 100g. It is also rich in antioxidants, Lycopene (3.2mg / 100g). For its upbringing we have a tomato watered with crystal clear waters from natural springs. Subscribed with sheep mulch (from a cave in the Sierra de la Tosquilla).

Unlike other plants with 45-day cycles, this plant needs a more loving care to reach 120 days of cycle. But the long duration of this cycle is the key to obtaining a large, meaty tomato. Each plant produces three blooms of a small number of tomatoes, mainly due to their size.

The truth is that I confess myself a lover of tomatoes. Depending on the purpose, it is good to use the right tomatoes. With these tomatoes we can make any type of salad, that is, raw, grated, cut, mixed, etc. Its meat, juice and sweetness give it the right characteristics to become an ideal ingredient.

I hope I can find it in a greengrocer in Madrid so I can try it as soon as possible.

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