Eggplant towers with miso tuna. Recipe


I have to confess it, even if I seem to suffer from delusions: when I go to the market, the aubergines look at me. And they give me little eyes, they wink and they rub against each other to shine and look even more attractive. They don't know how little they need for me to take them home and turn them into towers of eggplant with miso tuna, a mixture of fish and vegetables that fits as well as a first or second course. That the order of factors does not alter the product.

Ingredients for four people

Two aubergines, two carrots, two purple chives, a zucchini, a bunch of green asparagus, 300 gr. of tuna in fine fillets, miso, milk, flour, salt, pepper and extra virgin olive oil.

How to make eggplant towers with miso tuna

We take two tablespoons of miso and mix it with a little water, until it forms a somewhat light paste. Spread the tuna with miso on both sides with the help of a kitchen brush and let it rest while we prepare the vegetables.

We cut the aubergines into half-centimeter slices, we salt them and we let them rest in a container for half an hour. After this time, we drain them with water, dry them and put them in milk. We are taking them out of the milk, we coat them in flour, and fry them in plenty of oil. We let them drain on kitchen paper.

We peel the carrots, and cut them, together with the zucchini and chives, into very small squares. Remove a few inches from the back of the asparagus and cut them into small cubes. We prepare a pan with hot oil and sauté the vegetables for fifteen minutes. We salt and reserve.

Heat the pan or grill and grill the tuna for one or two minutes on each side, depending on the thickness of the fillets. We assemble the towers with an aubergine, a layer of vegetables, and tuna, until each tower is completed as seen in the image.

Processing time | 60 minutes
Difficulty | low


As I advise you on many occasions, you can add or remove vegetables from these aubergine towers with miso tuna to make it yours, but if you like them, you shouldn't do without green asparagus, as they enhance the filling a lot.

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