Spinach and pine nut omelette. Recipe


Last night my intention was to prepare a spinach omelette for dinner, however, some friends showed up and I had no choice but to “fatten up” the omelette, and that's how this recipe for a spinach and pine nut omelette with ham and everything came about, which now I present you.

It is very important to know how to “fatten” food when necessary, our grandmothers and mothers knew a lot about that. Now there is too much of everything and we fall asleep and fall into the hands of waste too often and what is worse, waste. Big mistake.

The ingredients

6 fresh organic eggs if possible, a couple of bunches of spinach, 1 beautiful spring onion, a few slices of ham, a handful of pine nuts, EVOO (extra virgin olive oil) and salt.

Preparation of the spinach and pine nut omelette

On the one hand we wash, chop and steam the spinach, 2-3 minutes. We drain.

On the other hand, sauté the finely chopped chives with a pinch of salt in a drizzle of EVOO, over a low heat, and once transparent add the chopped ham and pine nuts, make them dizzy. Add the spinach to this sauce and stir well. We beat the eggs and add salt.

We mix the eggs with the sauce, put a pan that does not stick to the fire, with a trickle of EVOO, when it is hot we add the mixture of eggs and other ingredients, move the pan, let it set for a few seconds and turn, with the help of a cover, to the omelette. We curdle on this other side and serve.

Processing time | 20 minutes Difficulty | half

The tasting

This spinach and pine nut omelette recipe admits a multitude of variations, depending on what we have in the fridge and / or the pantry. A good salad is a great accompaniment, which makes this omelette a balanced and rich dish, perfect for a healthy dinner. Vegetarians (ovolactees, of course) should only skip the ham by substituting it for cheese, tofu, sesame or some tender sprouts in the second round of the omelette

Dinner is very important, it is convenient, especially now in this time that is coming, to make it hot. This comforts us and prepares us for rest. Of course, dinner should be light, and do it well in advance at bedtime, so as not to go to bed with a full stomach.

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