Totoro and Pikachu in the cafe: customizable drinks thanks to 3D printing


As a coffee lover and art lover, I can't help but be fascinated by the work of latte art of the best baristas.There are some creations so elaborate and charming that it is worth drinking them, but technology increasingly makes it easier for us to personalize our mug. You just have to see the example of these adorable cafes decorated with a 3D food printer.

For years we have been commenting on the news that comes to us from the development of edible 3D printing. Although at first it seemed like a distant futuristic technology, science is advancing at breakneck speed and it seems that they are going to revolutionize our kitchens of the future. Meanwhile we can see the possibilities of a 3D printer with the customizable drinks that they offer in a Sydney cafe, and in which our beloved Totoro could not miss.

Drinks decorated a la carte

Sure that 3D printing in food will have more useful uses in the near future, but it is clear that it already gives a lot of play in the sweet and decorative field. At the La Floraison coffee shop in Sydney, Australia, they have invested in a printer to give a very special touch to their coffees and other drinks, with designs customizable by customers.

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Apparently the place has a series of pre-established motifs, as if it were a menu of decorations, among which stand out classic characters from manga and anime, such as the aforementioned Totoro. There are also minions, Darth Vader or Hello Kitty, as well as other motifs of flowers, hearts, the Eiffel Tower or the Statue of Liberty. All very cute and adorable, of course.

To these designs you can add text to personalize the drink, a short message or your own name. But the café also offers the possibility of printing your own motifs, including photographs, and even placing orders for special events. The price of coffee or smoothie is sure to multiply considerably by adding these decorations, but it cannot be denied that the result is too tempting not to try.

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I guess it goes without saying that this cafe is causing a sensation on social media in the Australian city. The cafes decorated with 3D printing are pure Instagram meat. They also have sweets and tea services that almost exceed the limit of cuqui, although I do not know if it will be worth the extra expense beyond the photo of rigor. Will it take a long time to print the decoration of our own cafe at home?

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