Grilled lamb leg tournedós. Christmas recipe

We always make the lamb in the same ways, roasting legs or shoulder and frying or grilling the chops. However, there are more possibilities, such as preparing these grilled lamb shank tournedós, a different Christmas recipe that can be very comfortable since it is prepared in a moment.

In these days when we feel like lamb, it is very curious how different the flavor of the leg is when it is roasted whole, when it is cooked boneless and more in this other way that will surprise everyone in your house when you prepare it.


For 4 people
  • Boneless leg of lamb 1
  • Lamb or crepineta herd 1
  • Extra virgin olive oil
  • Coarse salt

How to Make Grilled Lamb Leg Tournedos

Difficulty: medium
  • Total time 18 m
  • Elaboration 10 m
  • Cooking 8 m

The first task is to prepare the Tournedós. To do this, we will ask our butcher to debone the leg of lamb, leaving it whole. Logically, we are interested in the most mollar part of the leg since the bottom part has hardly any meat for this purpose.

Once we have the boned leg, we extend the ridge, we place the leg of lamb on it and we roll it up, forming a cylinder. This piece could be filled with sanfaina-type vegetables, and then roasted, but today, we are going to use it to cut some medallions or Tournedós, which are very tender on the grill.

Lamb meat cooked in this way is very tender and has a very mild flavor, as it has neither the skin nor the fat, which are what give the lamb its characteristic flavor. To cook the Tournedós, we heat a frying pan with nothing and when it is very hot, we sprinkle it with coarse salt, placing the medallions or lamb tournedós on top, leaving them to cook for two or three minutes on each side, depending on how we like them.

For the garnish, we use a few strips of candied onion and some roasted peppers, serving them the plate as soon as the meat is done. To accompany them you can also put some roasted potatoes.

What to accompany the grilled lamb leg tournedós

Grilled lamb shank tournedós are a very tender meat dish, which, as they are much cheaper than beef tenderloin medallions, can be a good alternative for Christmas meals and dinners. With some roasted potatoes in the oven they look great.

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