Three wines and three tapas. Tasting at La Cruzada


Last week I had the opportunity to share a great evening among gastronomic bloggers on the second day of Tapas & Blogs. The meeting took place in La Cruzada, a traditional tavern located very close to Madrid's Plaza de Oriente, where we were able to do a tasting of three wines paired with three house tapas.

This was my first wine tasting, a completely unknown terrain for me, which even at the risk of sounding bad, I will say that I like to drink wine, being unable to analyze it with the detail it deserves. But to help us and guide us, Javier, the sommelier of the house, offered us a tour of the three wines, seasoned with a lot of information about them.

The first wine we tasted was a Frontaura Crianza 2005 D.O Toro. El de Toro is a powerful wine, with body and structure, with a good acidity necessary to pair with the aubergine, zucchini, tomato and Parmesan millefeuille. The cheese has been taken as the starting point of the pairing, because as it has a strong flavor it needs a wine that is also resounding, with enough acidity to refresh the palate.

On the millefeuille, comment that it was not up to the wine, it was very difficult to eat with your hands, since the base was formed by a piece of bread with a smaller diameter than the rest of the ingredients, making each bite it was decomposing, not being able to finish it in a minimally elegant way or enjoy tasting it.

We went on to the second wine, a Pesquera Reserva 2001 D.O Ribera Del Duero with which we entertained ourselves learning to distinguish the tear, discovering the uninitiated as this brand the density of the wine. Javier led a very interactive tasting, with many questions that stimulated our participation, and thus among all we were discovering the aromas that this wine kept. After four short and quick drinks, we discovered the flavor of old wood that predominates in this Pesquera.

The chosen tapa was very successful in my opinion, a potato omelette toast with slightly curdled caramelized onion inside that was delicious. A demonstration of how a well-made classic can outperform many culinary innovations.

The third wine, a Remírez de Ganuza, Rioja from 2002, was the one I liked the most. And one of the similarities that Javier made about its flavor made me smile: lollipops and candies, very accurate comparison.

The steak tartar burger was a strong tapa, which I had a hard time understanding, it was missing something. Later I understood that merging a raw dish, such as steak tartare with a hot one, such as hamburger, is not easy, since a point of heat is needed that when it reached our mouths it had disappeared, appearing completely cold, with the meat too compacted and without the typical steak dressings; yes, with a powerful flavor of raw meat.

To finish we toast with Amber Rouge, a sparkling wine with gold as a final touch to the meeting, in which we ate, drank, tasted and chatted in very good company.

Tavern The Crusade

Tapas, wines and meats. Amnesty Street nº 8 28032 Madrid 91 548 01 31

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