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All of us who usually go to buy in markets, medium and large stores, know that in recent times the price of food products has skyrocketed disproportionately. Lemons lead the list of products that have increased the most in the last year, with an increase of 63.73%, followed by sunflower oil (+ 45.64%) and wheat flour (+ 29.34% ). Other fresh foods that show significant increases are oranges (+ 18.16%), sardines (+ 14.02%), blue whiting (+ 13.83%), chirlas (+ 11.71%), meat fresh chicken (+ 11.65%), rooster (+ 11.34%) and eggs (+ 11.23%).

These factors, together with the economic crisis, mean that the purchase may suppose for some families an expense of up to 35% of their income. With some little tricks like these, we can reduce part of the cost of the shopping cart:

  • Prepare in advance a list with the really necessary items and follow the list when making the purchase. More than 50% of the products are decided at the moment, and that is where the suggestion that provokes us where and how food is placed in supermarkets plays great importance.
  • Take advantage of offers and discounts. But always evaluating if a 3x2 is really profitable for us, if we have space to store it or if we will end up throwing away the surplus because it is a quickly perishable product.
  • Buy on a full stomach, to avoid temptations and impulse buying.
  • Plan the menus in advance, trying that, in addition to being healthy and balanced, they include seasonal products that are always cheaper.
  • Buy raw food. Precooked products are much more expensive and less healthy.
  • Let the purchase be done by one person, to avoid the whims of children and the sweet tooth of adults.
  • Buy in establishments close to home, to reduce fuel costs if we are going to buy by car.
  • Buy second brands or white product, much cheaper and in many cases a product very similar to those of the first brands, which are the ones that actually make them.
  • Compare the prices of different establishments, with this we can save up to 46% of the total purchase amount. According to the OCU, the supermarkets with the most competitive prices are Alcampo Carrefour and Mercadona, along with some discount supermarkets such as Lidl.
  • Buy whole chicken or rabbit and not sliced ​​or filleted, since the price / kilo becomes substantially more expensive.

Once at home you can continue saving a few cents:

  • Taking advantage of the remains of food to prepare other dishes: broths with chicken bones, croquettes with the remains of the stew, purees with vegetables and legumes, toasts and desserts with the previous day's bread ...
  • Cooking large quantities and then freezing it in portions, which will save us both energy and time.

These are just a few ideas of how we can control food spending. What tricks do you use?

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