Tricks to reduce the salt in our dishes


Although we have already said that salt is not as bad as it seems, as it provides sodium, a very important mineral for the functioning of the body, we have also said that it is recommended not to exceed 5 grams per day and when analyzing salt consumption between Spaniards, we see that this figure is almost double, therefore, today we bring tricks to reduce the salt in our dishes.

Why reduce the salt in our dishes?

In different evaluations of salt consumption among Spaniards, it has been observed that the intake exceeds 9 grams per day, an amount that is well above the maximum limit recommended by the World Health Organization of 5 grams each day.

This maximum recommended level has been established because each time the intake of salt is greater and its high consumption is associated with cardiovascular problems, since the higher the consumption of salt, the more likely to retain fluids and therefore, to suffer high blood pressure or high blood pressure.

High blood pressure can cause long-term vascular and heart problems and, too, an excess of sodium is inadvisable for the functioning of our kidneys, which are responsible for eliminating waste from our body.

On the other hand, a high consumption of salt and therefore sodium can increase urinary calcium excretion and favor the development of osteoporosis, that is, to take care of our bones we must also moderate the consumption of salt.

Likewise, an excess of salt has been associated with a higher incidence of stomach problems, such as gastric ulcer or stomach cancer, so reducing salt intake also benefits our digestive system.

Like everything in our diet, salt should be consumed in moderation and since we know that we exceed the established daily recommendation and that excess salt can cause health problems, today we help you reduce the salt in dishes with some simple tricks to implement .

Tricks to reduce salt in our dishes

It is known that among the main sources of sodium in our diet are industrially elaborated or processed foods, but we can also reduce the salt that we add to our dishes and thus reduce its intake with the following tricks:

  • Use fresh herbs and seasonings: a very healthy trick is to reduce the presence of salt and instead flavor foods with herbs and seasonings that not only do not contain much sodium but are also a source of good nutrients and a lot of flavor for meals . We can even make a low sodium salt of herbs
  • Avoid cold cuts and sausages: when preparing dishes at home, it is best to stay away from cold cuts and sausages, as well as cured cheeses that concentrate a lot of salt in their composition, instead we can use meats cooked with herbs or softer cheeses.
  • Avoid commercial sauces and dressings: in soy sauce, mayonnaise and other commercial dressings, we find a lot of added salt, so the best thing to reduce the salt in our dishes is to make homemade sauces and condiments based on vegetables, herbs, condiments , yogurts or eggs and oil.
  • Do not use commercial broths or flavorings: these ingredients add a lot of salt to our dishes and we can obtain the same effect by adding fresh and natural ingredients such as herbs, vegetables and fruit or vegetable juices without adding salt.
  • Homemade baked goods: sweet foods also contain salt and buns, sweet cookies and breakfast cereals contain sodium-based preservatives, flavor enhancers and salt in their composition, so if we want to reduce salt in our diet it is a great help to consume homemade bread.
  • Avoid commercial pickles and smoked products: at home we can obtain a product very low in salt, but commercial pickles and packaged smoked products usually contain a lot of salt in their composition that we can perfectly avoid in our diet.
  • Avoid dangerous ingredients: there are ingredients that may contain hidden salt in their composition, for example, margarines and butters usually contain a lot of added salt, as well as breaded products, preserves and cured products, therefore, it is better to reduce its presence in our dishes and use them in moderate amounts.

Without realizing it, we may be overdoing it with the salt we consume daily, so put these tricks into action to reduce the salt in our dishes and you will be taking care of your health with the help of a healthy diet.

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