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Although strictly speaking Your indoor garden is not a cookbook, it is a very interesting book for all chefs and fans of preparing home-made dishes, since it provides us with the possibility of growing our own garden indoors to obtain our ingredients to use in recipes.

By reading this book, we will learn how to take advantage of our space to sow, care for and cultivate both sprouts, aromatic herbs, micro-vegetables or mushrooms, and of course take the opportunity to produce our own tomatoes, peppers or zucchini, to give a few examples.

Although gardens are generally jobs to be done outside, it can also be grown indoors, if we know how to choose the right plants correctly. In addition, it is necessary to know how to light, how to maintain a humid environment and how to deal with possible pests.

Aromatic plants, buds and sprouts are very easy to grow indoors, and allow us, for very little money, to consume homegrown vegetables in just a few weeks from the day of planting.

For this reason, there is a growing culture of having an urban garden, without even having a terrace necessary. With this book, no matter how new to the subject, you can learn to grow, plan the space and manage the indoor garden to have vegetables throughout the year.

The purpose of an indoor garden is to combine entertainment and nutrition. It is exciting to see that the first leaves begin to sprout from the seeds and the excitement multiplies when you are in your own home. Whether you live in an urban apartment with ferns on the windowsill or you have a chalet with a huge greenhouse, you will find simple tips and techniques for growing a bountiful garden in the book.

Structure of the book

After the introduction, Your Indoor Garden begins with the planning, and the chapters dedicated to the choice of space and the usual problems. This is followed by chapters dedicated to specific varieties, treating for each one the problems that may arise and the advice for growing them.

Among others, micro-vegetables, aromatic herbs, sprouts, mushrooms, carrots, spinach, tomatoes, varieties of lettuce, potatoes and other vegetables are discussed, ending with references and links where further information.

Your indoor garden

Editorial Dome
Elizabeth millard
Price € 17.95
ISBN 978-84-480-2093-4

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