A bar cooks your purchase for 4 euros


I love how wit is sharpened in these tough times. I say this because a bar in Valencia has had a great idea to provide a service to its customers. You go to the market and buy what you want and a bar cooks your purchase for 4 euros, drinks apart.

This formula reminds me of the concept of uncorking in the world of wines. If you want to eat
And you don't want to be charged for wine at restaurant price, you bring it from home and they only charge you a modest amount for the service provided. Well, this same formula adapted to the circumstances is what this Valencian bar called The little piece in the middle.

They also have the collaboration of the Central Market of Valencia, in front of which the bar is located, since those who buy at the different stalls are informed that they can be cooked in the bar opposite. Among the most consumed products, fish, meat and especially seafood.

Probably, most of its customers are foreigners and other visitors, who take the opportunity to eat cheaply while visiting the Levantine capital, but surely those who do not want to cook or spend a lot of money eating in restaurants will also find this option very interesting.

It is curious the contrast between this news that a bar cooks your purchase for 4 euros and another that I read today, in which the dining rooms of schools in Catalonia will charge 3 euros a day to children who bring their own food. Could it be because of the wear and tear on the floor as the comedian Gila used to say?

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