A walk through the Millesime Weekend Valencia


Last night I had the opportunity to take a walk through Millesime Weekend Valencia, an event open to the public where 32 of the best restaurants in Spain offer three of their most representative dishes at quite affordable prices, with the idea of ​​bringing haute cuisine within everyone's reach the pockets.

I have to confess that I approached with suspicion, because this type of event often loses strength in commercial names and abstract ideas, but to my surprise it more than fulfills everything it promises, so before I tell you a little more About it, I invite you to stop by even if it is to have a drink and take a look before it closes its doors on the Sunday after the noon session.

The entrance costs 10 euros, 5 of which are returned to you to spend inside, where the prices of dishes and drinks are more than moderate. A great opportunity to try the creations of the best chefs in Spain for much less than it would cost to go to their restaurants.

The Millesime Weekend takes place in one of the new pavilions of the Valencia Fair, which can be recognized from a distance for being crowned by a huge glass egg. Inside, the event is organized as if it were a large terrace with beach bars, with restaurants organized in small streets and squares full of tables where you can sit and taste our choice.

The offer is overwhelming, a menu with 96 dishes from 32 different chefs (many with Michelin stars and Repsol suns), all priced between two and four euros, which allows you to try a great variety without breaking the bank in the attempt.

The portions are not too big either (some ridiculous and others more generous), so embarrassment is out of the question (although you don't go hungry), but for about 25 euros you are guaranteed a copious dinner well accompanied by wine or beer and even dessert and coffee.

The drink is another point that is appreciated, with very affordable prices, glasses of wine from one to three euros (with a lot of offer to choose from) and beer for one euro a cane and two a third of Cruzcampo Gran Reserva. One detail, because many of the dishes asked for a good wine to accompany them, and at those prices they make it possible to try several without making dinner too expensive.

I also really liked that the chefs were so close to the public, because the kitchens were practically non-existent, even sometimes you were lucky enough that it was the same chef who served you their creation, even with a comment about it or finishing it right in front of your nose .

But if you're not that lucky, showcooking sessions are scheduled at certain times, where some of the chefs present made a public demonstration cooking one or two of their dishes, which those present could later taste.

I arrived just in time to see Felip Llufriu from the Moo restaurant in Barcelona preparing his sea and mountain dishes. Specifically, butifarra juice, fried prawn and confit cod. It is always interesting to know first-hand how the chefs of the best restaurants think and cook.

However, as a Valencian, I was slightly disappointed with Llufriu, because in an attempt to relate the theme of his presentation with Valencian gastronomy, he said that paella is a sea and mountain dish because it includes meat, fish and seafood, when Mixed paella is a strange invention that normally only foreigners who know little about a traditional paella (seafood or chicken and rabbit) taste. Nothing serious, but for a moment in the room there was a most tense silence.

In Millesime Weekend they have not forgotten the classic after-dinner either, and in addition to the restaurant area they have set up a terrace in which a wide variety of beverage brands offer their cocktails and mixed drinks so that visitors can calmly digest while chatting quietly. in the afternoon sun or cool at night, as appropriate, enlivened with a little music.

The prices are equally restrained, with prices around five euros per cocktail, which is considerably cheaper than most pubs and clubs, so it is not a bad option to stay for a drink with friends, and it is safe there. that do not strain you jug.

In short, Millesime Weekend Valencia is a magnificent opportunity to get to know the cuisine of the best restaurants in Spain without having to travel the country and burn your credit card. The next day, with a little more calm, I will comment on the dishes I tried last night, some of them really delicious.

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