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A couple of days ago my partner Liliana was telling us about some of the most unpleasant foods in the world. It presented a short tour of dishes and ingredients that, initially and depending on whom, we may consider unappetizing. As expected, he has dedicated a complete section to insects.

Insects are very controversial, in many countries they are used without complexes to prepare exotic dishes, although the truth is that we do not need to travel to a distant, tropical country or a culture very different from ours, to eat them. In Amsterdam, for example, we can find spaghetti with a bee sauce, a chocolate mousse with worms or some butterfly muffins.

Dutch chef Henk Van Gurp has just published a book with recipes for cooking insects, which he has prepared together with a professor of entomology. It states that insects have high nutritional value, that they are healthy, and that some have high levels of iron, zinc, and omega-3s.

Despite the fact that they speak Dutch in this video, I was able to find out what the chef explained to us thanks to @blogexquisit, author of the Exquisit blog, who offered me invaluable help via twitter.

The chef explains that twenty years ago he began to eat insects and that at a certain point it occurred to him that he could prepare recipes with them and serve them in his restaurant. At first he found many drawbacks, but he assures that he really finds them delicious and that they are a good substitute for meat proteins.

I don't know if that book will ever fall into my hands, but if this happens I will not cook any of its recipes. Also, I don't see myself asking for a quarter and a half of worms in the municipal market of my town.

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