A striking kitchen covered entirely by colored glass beads


Looking at the image that heads this post, we might think that it is a drawing or a virtual creation, but it is a photograph taken directly from reality. Taking a closer look, we discover the trick behind so much strange color, and that is that we are facing a kitchen covered entirely by colored glass beads.

It is a work by the artist Liza Lou, who had to dedicate several years to finish its installation Kitchen and Backyard, "kitchen and backyard". To do this, he recreated these two typical rooms of a family home in life size and then completely covered the entire surface with millions of glass beads of all possible colors.

Liza Lou is an American artist born in 1963 in New York.From her beginnings as a creator, she began to address in her work the issues that continue to guide her career, such as the problems of contemporary women and social injustice, questioning the daily roles of consumer society. He managed to attract attention with his early work thanks to the peculiarity of his work, specializing in life-size sculptures and installations.

As you can see, the kitchen does not lack detail. Glass beads not only cover floors and walls, but also all furniture and every single object, even the typical cereal box or the cake that has just come out of the oven. Even the water that comes out of the tap and falls on dirty dishes is made up of beautiful blue beads.

The end result is shocking for the unreal cartoon appearance that it manages to give the whole outfit. It is a typical American kitchen, of which we have seen thousands of times on television or in the cinema, therefore full of clichés. It is easy to imagine the mother of the house taking the cake out of the oven while her family runs away leaving breakfast on the table with hardly any touch.

There is no doubt that the impact that the artist wanted to cause on the viewer will be much greater if we could visit the installation in person, since it must cause a feeling of a certain dizzying overwhelm by enveloping the audience with so many garish colors. By covering objects that our brain recognizes in this way, but presenting them in such a strange way, it shocks us and causes confusion, promoting reflection.

In 2005, the author founded a collective with Zulu artists in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa, from where she works from the inspiration of local crafts with meditations on the creative process and the impossibility of perfection. Of course, his "kitchen" could not be more perfectly finished, since no detail has escaped him throughout the five years that he spent covering every millimeter with colored beads.

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