Tuna and Cucumber Uramakis: Sushi Recipe


Given the success of the easy sushi recipe - salmon makis - that I prepared the other day, at home they have asked me to make more Japanese cuisine preparations and today I have encouraged myself to prepare this recipe for tuna and cucumber uramaki, a variety of different sushi, which you will certainly like to try.

The uramakis, also called California Rolls, are a variety or format of sushi in which the nori seaweed, once covered with rice, is turned over, placing the ingredients -fish, vegetables, etc.- directly on it. When rolling and forming the cylinder, the rice is on the outside, with an original appearance and different from the easy sushi recipe that I taught you the other day.


For 2 persons
  • Nori seaweed 1
  • Rice for sushi
  • Fresh tuna
  • Rice vinegar 150
  • Sugar 150
  • Dried rehydrated or fresh wakame seaweed
  • Salt 50
  • Cucumber 1

How to make tuna and cucumber uramaki

Difficulty: Easy
  • Total time 15 m
  • Elaboration 15 m

The first mission we have is to prepare the rice to make sushi, for which we will use the glutinous rice that, once cooked, we will cool while we season it with a mixture of 150 ml of vinegar, 150g of sugar and 50g of salt that we will stir while we fan the rice to lower its temperature.

On the other hand, we cut the tuna into slices that we later divided into small strips that will be the ones we will use to fill our makis. With the rest of the tuna, we can prepare this tataki recipe that you will like too. In addition, we peel the cucumber and cut it into strips similar in size to those of tuna.

We spread the nori seaweed cut into two portions, and cover them with the glutinous rice. Once it has stuck well, we turn the seaweed over, leaving the rice down on the mat. Directly on the seaweed, we place the tuna strips and the cucumber strips proceeding to roll up and close until obtaining a cylinder.

With a knife moistened in water for each cut, we divide the cylinder into two equal parts, then four and finally eight, which will be the portions or makis that we will serve. Once the uramakis are placed on the tray where we are going to serve them, we decorate four with crispy fried onion and another four with wakame salad, taking them to the table immediately.

With what to accompany the tuna and cucumber uramakis

Like all sushi recipes, tuna and cucumber uramakis can be eaten both with chopsticks and directly with your hands. To enjoy them, you can dip them lightly in the soy sauce, which is good for dissolving a little bit of wasabi to give it a slight spicy touch, although this is not very orthodox for the Japanese.

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