V Teruel Truffle Conference

A couple of days ago, the Flor de Cardo Azul Restauradores Association of Teruel presented the V Teruel Truffle Conference, an event that will be held until January 27.

Seven restaurants in the capital and Torrebaja offer, on the occasion of the conference, a menu with truffle as an ingredient in all their dishes, be they starters, meats, fish or desserts.

Each restaurant will offer its creations, its signature cuisine, but all pay tribute to the star dish, fried eggs with truffle. The V Truffle Conference in Teruel also has a photographic exhibition by Mikel Alonso under the title "Eroticism and Gastronomy", which will be available to the public until February 1, from 5:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. in the Sala de La Muralla of the headquarters of the Government of Aragon in Teruel.

Among other parallel activities there are also culinary demonstrations, such as the Japanese fusion cuisine that will be held by the Tasten restaurant in Valencia or the Pepe Garcés demonstration from Pastelería Andorra, delighting attendees with pastry preparations.

La Ontina restaurant will also have a space for another master class, all of which will be held at 6 pm on January 17, 21 and 24.

These days have now been held for five years and they are becoming more and more relevant, we are happy, because it is necessary to promote the gastronomic potential of these lands.

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