Vacations in Punta Cana: Desserts, a little bit of everything like everywhere


Something that we have not deprived ourselves of during our stay in Punta Cana, has been desserts, creations that are tempting to the palate and manage to capture the attention of all tourists, desserts with a Mexican, Dominican, Western designation of origin, etc.They enter through the eyes, some are appreciated by the palate, others despite their majestic appearance are perhaps a little insipid or lacking in consistency, in short here is a small summary.

This first photo corresponds to a simple cream ice cream but with a suggestive presentation that invites you to enjoy its flavor, it is on a crunchy biscuit base and a very soft mango sauce that emulates the sun's rays.

This is the Amaretto Chocolate Roll that we had in the Mexican restaurant, like everything we tasted in this à la carte restaurant, it was delicious (although we did not forget the possible food poisoning that it caused us), although there came a time when we had I had to remove part of the filling because it was so bitter.

The presentation of the fruit is very Caribbean and tempts to enjoy it, several skewers formed by pineapple and melon cubes, ideal after a copious meal of salads, chicken and lobster. The sublime pineapple, a sweet and smooth flavor, even the central trunk was tender. On the other hand, melon, despite presenting a very attractive color, is quite insipid, the flavor is well below that of Spanish melons.

This is a very colorful chocolate bonbon that we wanted to taste, the flavor it conferred perhaps was a bit far from our pretensions since the flavor and texture of the chocolate sauce with which it was bathed lacked the appropriate consistency, as if it were cocoa will be lacking. The dough clearly showed the flavor that flour offers, being perhaps excessive, of course, about colored tastes, there are those who enjoyed this colorful dessert.

The coconut flan that you can see in the photo above is perhaps one of the desserts that we liked the most, the aroma it gave off was sublime and the flavor was magnificent, we would not expect less from a country where coconuts are exceeded. The flan was accompanied by a thin layer of extremely soft honey and a decorative icing, in the photo you can perfectly appreciate the grated fresh coconut.

The Chocolate Brownie satisfied our craving for dark chocolate, not the ice creams that were found daily in the buffets (very lacking in flavor). It is not difficult to make a sweet of these characteristics with a quality cocoa, nuts and desire to satisfy, a thumbs up.

One detail that we really liked was that in the à la carte restaurants, which could be enjoyed three nights for every seven of the stay, the desserts were physically presented in a cart, which greatly facilitated their choice (although not always satisfactorily), we already know that it eats through the eyes.

We were also able to drink the coconut water that a gardener gave us, a coconut fallen from the palm tree in his hands is treated to offer it to us with a straw and to quench our thirst, yes, as in the movies. A delight that you will take with more pleasure in exchange for a few coins.

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