We go to Ikea for food and these are our favorite products


Just a month ago we echoed what could be a future move by Ikea, which is considering opening a line of restaurants independent of the furniture business. The idea is not unreasonable, they already have a restaurant area that attracts many and a food store that many others cannot conceive of stopping before leaving the store.

I am one of the latter. Moreover, on occasion I have gone to Ikea solely and exclusively for food and, incidentally, I have entered the furniture store. Just unlike the rest of the humans, let's go. I don't like to be branded weird so I have looked around for moral support and I have to say with great joy that I have found it. We are more than one of us who go to Ikea for food and these are our favorite products to fill the pantry, the fridge or the freezer.

Ah! But can you buy food at Ikea?

You are right. At Ikea you can buy food. This to go ahead in case there is someone clueless in the room or simply because not all of you will have Ikea around the corner or you will have ever stepped on one of its stores. In addition to its own restaurants where you can have breakfast, lunch and more, the Swedish chain has fast food counters strategically located next to the exit.

However, we do not refer to or go to any of them when we say that we are going to Ikea for food. Our favorite items are not the meatballs from the restaurant or the hot dogs from the counter. We like the products that are sold in the Swedish grocery store. Well, some of them, that we have not gotten to try all of them.

The range of food products that Ikea sells in its store is limited, it is not comparable to a supermarket, but some of them are true hit of the shopping cart and they have been for years. Perhaps the most iconic product is meatballs, which, while on the list of favorites, has not been the most popular among those we've spoken to.

Our favorite Ikea grocery products

The oatmeal cookies win by a landslide. Thin, crisp and with just the right amount of chocolate, they are pure lust. This is how many have described them, the same ones who confess that they are capable of gobbling the entire box in one sitting. Maximum level of addiction, but well worth ending up in our homes.

Many followers also have fried onion. Packed in large 500 gram bags, the Ikea grocery store was the first place I found this product many years ago. Now we can find it in most supermarkets, but in small containers and with an incomparable flavor and texture.

Salmon is another of our favorite products, whether smoked or fresh.This second is sold in clean loins, without skin or bones, individually vacuum packed and frozen. They are all comfort. Those who cook for a few or for themselves defrost the right amount, period.

In the refrigerated section there are a lot of sauces, among them the lemon and dill and the tomato and herbs that are perfect to accompany the salmon loins or the meatballs that we have already mentioned and of which there are two types, chicken and a mixture of pork and beef, in the frozen section.

Since we are with salty, the ham knuckle roasted in its own juice seems to be another winning horse. I say it seems because I have not bought it, but those who include it in this list speak wonders of it and defend that it comes from pearls to have it on hand for when we are in a hurry. It's five minutes and that's it.

In the sweet frozen section there are cakes for all tastes but our favorite is the apple and pear cake, with its crumble on the surface. You eat it freshly baked and you can levitate. Same as with the cinnamon rolls and the rhubarb pie. Finding rhubarb in our country is complicated and expensive, so the latter is great to get rid of when you fancy this sweet.

Among the sweet products, dark chocolate, gingerbread cookies, chocolate-filled cookies and jams have also emerged. The latter are my favorites, especially the orange and elderflower and the boreal blackberry. Two wonderful quirks that I spread on my breakfast toast like there's no tomorrow.

Confessing my weakness for certain Ikea grocery products, I can't finish this post without mentioning polar bread, my big favorite. A very malleable thin bread that I use to make rolls like these with chicken and anchovy sauce and that is the culprit of my exclusive trips to buy food. And you? Are you one of us or not?

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