Chocolate cups, do you buy them or do you make them?


Our colleague Eliana showed us the chocolate shot glasses a few weeks ago, it seems that our colleagues from Compradicción, always so focused on the latest shoopping news and curiosities, missed them and are announcing them now.

These glasses are great to serve dessert and a shot at the same time, so we save asking if they want dessert or a drink. Although Choc Shots can be used with any type of filler.

We give you the option of making the chocolate cups yourself, as they will be cheaper, they are easy to make and just as useful. To do this you will need some disposable cups of the kind used for flan, curled paper molds also work to make truffles or muffins, depending on the size you prefer, and of course, chocolate fondant, for example Nestlé Desserts.

Start by melting the chocolate in a water bath. Next, with the help of a brush, paint the inside of the molds, the amount of chocolate will be based on the cups you need. Once painted, put the molds in the freezer.

When the chocolate has solidified, repeat the same operation, paint the inside of the cups as many times as necessary to achieve the desired cup thickness.

Once the work is finished, it will be enough to remove the paper molds and fill the glasses with whatever you prefer, liquor, cream, mousse ... and enjoy.

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