Glasses of strawberry and cheese cream, quick and easy oven-free dessert recipe

It is curious, sometimes we get complicated in the kitchen preparing laborious recipes and there are many others, simpler and faster, that do not detract in terms of flavor or presentation. A good example is this recipe for glasses of cream cheese and strawberry.

You know that I am always thinking and proposing variations on the recipes I make, I cannot help it, as this one specifically offers a lot of possibilities. For example, it occurs to me that it can be enriched with bits of fresh fruit or nuts.


For 4 units
  • Strawberry jam 240 g
  • Sugar 80 g
  • Creamy white cheese spread 300 g
  • Strawberry yogurt 250 g
  • Strawberry syrup for garnish

How to make glasses of cream cheese and strawberry

Difficulty: easy
  • Total time 10 m
  • Elaboration 10 m

We start by putting the jam in a bowl and stir it with a fork until it acquires a smoother and more uniform texture. We distribute it in the bottom of four glass glasses and reserve them in the fridge.

Mix the cheese to spread with the sugar <and beat them with manual sticks until there is a creamy mixture.

Add the yogurt and continue beating until everything is well integrated. We distribute the cream between the glasses with the help of a pastry bag.

We keep the glasses for a few minutes in the fridge, so that the cream hardens a little. Finally, we decorate them with the strawberry syrup and reserve in the fridge until serving time.

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