Perfect ice glasses for shots


There are many drinks that we like very cold, and especially liqueurs, spirits and so-called "digestives". Well, for all lovers of this type of drink, some glasses of ice arrive, perfect for taking shots, and enjoying them at their best.

Liquors such as pacharán, herbal liqueur, pomace, tequila or any drink that we could traditionally drink in a small size, will be at the perfect temperature with Cool Shooters, some ice molds in the shape of shot glasses that, in addition to surprising you, will make the delights of your guests.

I already mentioned it the other day when I was talking about other molds in the shape of the R2D2 robot, but these silicone molds to make four glasses of ice can be very curious if we use them for other purposes.

Imagine how they will look if instead of making the glasses with water, you use them to make some chocolate cups, and then fill them with pastry cream and berries and nuts, for example. Or if you make shots made of fruit juice instead of ice made with water.

Priced at $ 7, I think these shot glass ice glasses can be an interesting purchase.

Via | Perpetual Kid
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