Vegetables, tourism and friends in Navarra


It takes time to assimilate everything that happened in the II Navarra Gourmet meeting of gastronomic bloggers that took place on 23 and 24 April. Perhaps that is why my chronicle of what I have lived there has taken a while, but it is very difficult to decompress from the brain all the sensations, all the opinions, the reunions with acquaintances and friends, the encounters with new friends, in fact I wouldn't really know where to start.

The blogger gathering has not been a place where we pat each other and tell each other how good we are. There has been a lot of self-criticism but above all and it is the good thing we have talked about the present and the future with new perspectives and especially taking into account the new tools that we have to continue talking and writing about what we like. But we have not only gathered around three tables and their respective topics.

In Navarra we have enjoyed their vegetables, they celebrated the days of exaltation of vegetables and above all we were in their capital (that of vegetables), in Tudela. I couldn't be happier, even if we ended up with jokes in the end saying, some like me, that we wanted some animal protein. On the contrary, you could be eating Navarra vegetables for a long time.

Encounters, vegetables ... we can say that the missing piece was a bit of tourism. It has been very important for the group of bloggers that we went there to do activities outside the discussion tables themselves. Surely, it has even been the key to setting this meeting with a very high bar for those who come later.

The formation of a group of bloggers from all over Spain has been the success of the meeting and we have to thank Reyno Gourmet and Marta Borruel and on their behalf the entire organization that has supported this initiative for another year.

Honesty, 2.0 events, facebook and twitter and awards

A word that marked the meeting and that perhaps will mark the next debates was the Honesty that is assumed and that a blogger must defend. We owe the debate to El Pingue and it was very exciting. Although time ruled.

Events 2.0 were one of the new trends that we have today and that are taking shape little by little. There were several groups of bloggers that have been formed over the last few months. Although the Gastronautas Forales by Cristina Martínez, better known as Garbancita, deserves special mention. Events where it is intended to unite the enjoyment of gastronomy together with a work of constant learning of new products. It should be noted that the award was given to the use of the new formats.

The last table, and in which I participated, spoke precisely about the advantages that social networks bring us to blogs, and in this case to gastronomic blogs. Although there are people more convinced of the good uses of Facebook than of Twitter, however, we must highlight the great reception that Twitter has had as a tool to keep us connected and especially the dimension it offers us to create a community around specialized users. So much so that I know of about 20 food bloggers who have had a Twitter account since last Saturday.

In the awards, in addition to the one mentioned above. The best national gastronomy blog was taken by Gastronomic Observation. And for what I think it has been a widely accepted award throughout the blogosphere for the merit of the blog itself and especially the professionalism with which Philippe Regol works.

Artichokes, asparagus. Navarra vegetables

The meeting itself and the meeting with the vegetables of Navarre have been exceptional. The first meeting was as soon as we arrived on Thursday night at a Beers & Blogs organized for those of us who arrived before. The asparagus caught of the day and cooked and served with a little olive oil and vinegar was impressive. Good proof of what awaited us.

We were able to go to collect asparagus and to speak with the president of the Denomination of Origin. We learned many things, for example that only 10% asparagus is consumed fresh and the rest out of season canned. Something that is surprising when the rest of the ingredients are usually only eaten during the season. In any case it was even an experience to eat it raw, freshly collected.

We could see the artichoke in situ in the field as well. The typical way of cooking it there is even with the tail and very fine fried together with young garlic. Although we were able to eat it in many different ways throughout the weekend.

There was also a time for meat. Chistorra, shepherd's migas, ribs (lamb chops), etc. The meat and vegetables are excellent.

The weekend ended but with him new illusions have begun and especially new friendships with whom to share the same passion, gastronomy.

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