VI Chocolate Fair in Madrid

I believe that when an exhibition reaches its sixth edition we can say in this case that the Chocolate Show in Madrid is in very good health.

The VI Chocolate Fair in Madrid will be held as on other occasions in Moda Shopping from November 12 to 15. Last year the central theme revolved around chess. On this occasion the fair becomes folkloric and they will dress in flamenco.

In the April Fair plan there will be casteas where instead of playing the guitar or dressing up in combs, we can eat the guitars, combs, chocolate dresses, etc. I even imagine some rebujito paired with chocolate.

Also this year there are additions for all tastes. For those who want to lose weight by eating chocolate, Bonbon Lola will be present. For the most playful in the sexual plane there will be tupper sex meetings with chocolate instruments and accessories. And also an exhibition of chocolate jewelry by Tous.

I must point out a downside, but personally. And it is that from November 12 to 15 I will be in Seville. For what is going to be the first year that I am going to miss the chocolate room. A pity, I hope that if any of you go then you will tell me how it has been this time.

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