Old planes, new restaurants

Each new bar or restaurant that they set up tries to compete in originality with its neighbor, whether in decoration or the type of food they serve, the truth is that we are already used to eating in places of all kinds set up in old factories, barns and even garages. Surely almost everyone has eaten on a plane, even the bag of peanuts that they gave us a while ago, but the truth is that we associate food there with flying and as a misdirection maneuver so that faster time.

Another thing is to go on purpose, without having to travel and sit on a plane to eat as God intended, with a table and tablecloth. That is what must have occurred to these hoteliers in different parts of the world when they knew how to take advantage of old scrap planes to set up their food places or cocktail bars. Of course, all close to where his old place of work was, the airports.

As an example, mention the most recognized by gastronomic tourists. At the Stockholm airport we find the Jumbo Bar, where an old 747 has been converted into a hostel with a bar located at the tail of the plane, where even in the summer visitors are allowed a unique attraction, to walk outdoors by the wing. left of the plane. At Coventry Airport in Great Britain you will find the restaurant called DC 6, with forty seats to eat wherever you please, including in the fuselage of the plane and a cocktail bar in the cockpit. It is the newest of this type of establishment.

In Zurich, Switzerland, mention Runway 34, here an old Soviet plane is part of the decoration of this well-known restaurant located on the outskirts of the airport at the end of runway 34, hence its name. The interior of the plane is a room intended as a smoking room. North Americans were not going to be less with this fashion and they have already set up Solo's Airplane Restaurant at the Colorado Spring airport, where the centerpiece of this restaurant is an American Boeing KC-97. The place itself has almost three hundred seats of which forty-two would be inside the plane, here you could eat surrounded by a multitude of objects related to the history of aviation.

These are a sample of the best known and it is that this fashion is spreading and more and more people see in disused planes a claim for the gastronomic tourist who does not get to travel but wants to sleep and eat on a plane , yes, on land.

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