Wines for the January slope


Between the crisis, which still lasts (at least in my house) and the infamous January slope that unfailingly accompanies us year after year in these times, it seemed like a good moment to pay tribute to some of those wines characterized by presenting an optimal relationship price quality. They are the wines for the January slope.

Many times we confuse understanding wines with letting ourselves be dazzled by the stellar labels of consecrated wines. Understanding wines is more than adorning our table with the glittering presence of a cult wine whose price is at the height of its excellence.

Understanding wines is also knowing how to recognize the benefits of a more modest product, it is adapting the chosen reference depending on the menu to accompany. There are many occasions in which food and wine seem separate elements, which have nothing in common. There are many customers who come to the restaurant and choose the wine without taking into account the selected menu and in the end, that implies that they enjoy half of both things, food and drink. An excessive choice can be as counterproductive for our image as mixing wine with homemade. It happens with certain wines, obviously of quality, that their poor choice at any given moment makes them opulent, sumptuous, too superb, in short, tacky.

Understanding wines is maintaining the balance between food and drink, it is choosing a wine that receives praise when it has been consumed and not before doing it. It is to surprise our guests with a reference that is unknown to them and that leaves them impressed. It is to test, investigate, compare and vary, and not eternally shield the choice to a specific brand.

There are many examples of wines of remarkable quality at a reasonable price, and En Directo al Paladar these days ago we have already pointed out some:

The reds from La Mancha Martué and Mano a mano, the Castilian-Leonese Rívola, Palacio de Bornos and Primero, the Galician white Viña Meín, the Navarrese rosé Ochoa de tears or the Alicante Mo and Enrique Mendoza Chardonnay can be a good example of these wines that We commented with appropriate value for money.

These are just some references, I'm sure you can think of many more that should be present in this list.

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