Visit to the XXIV Salón de Gourmets

Today was the last day of the XXIV Salón de Gourmets. There have been four days of fair, exhibitors, contests, workshops, conferences, etc. and I must say that I have seen a salon, although this time I have experienced it in a different way from other years. I have visited the product much more than on other occasions when I paid more attention to the contests that were held, I think thanks to the company of some good friends.

This year it was celebrated again at IFEMA, which gives it a different amplitude and together with the fact that the weather has been worse (climatologically speaking) and also the proximity in the time of Alimentaria in Barcelona has made it noticeable a little less influx of people . Although the level of the exhibitors has been at the height.

At first, as often happens, we were a bit lost. Perhaps the first pavilion, through which you enter the room, number 4, was very loaded with many exhibitors and we got lost a bit, although we immediately headed to a gastrobar that Inedit had set up and where Alberto Chicote was doing some tapas that paired with beer. In this case we tried some sturgeon caps that were fantastic. A good start.

The companies followed one another, many exhibitors of different types: kitchen utensils, wine cellars, spirits, champagne with gold, cheeses, major Spanish food brands, awards ceremony. For example, the Picota del Jerte award was given to journalist Pepa Bueno just as we were passing by. Which made us wish the cherry and pillory season would come soon.

We go through the area of ​​France, a country that does not miss any edition of the Show and the truth is that every year they put the highest level. We stopped to catch an oyster from the same company that has a stall in the Mercado de San Miguel and while we were able to see the variety of their chocolates, desserts, cheeses, quality foods that we really wanted to try. But we had to continue our journey through the show and at the same time through the gastronomy of Spain.

We arrived at the MARM wine tunnel, a place where they should put a breathalyzer test at the entrance and another at the exit. First the whites and then the reds, the Denominations of Origin were represented. I don't want to give a bad feeling but I don't remember very well the ones I tried, I think they were a ValdeSil de Valdeorras and an Albariño. Nor much more than it was noon and with an empty stomach we had to keep going.

This is how we arrived in Extremadura, or rather to the Extremadura Food area. It must be said that it was the most original area of ​​all the pavilions. An open, white, diaphanous area where the different representative products of Extremadura could be controlled at sight. Cheeses, Hams, Wines, Anchovies (yes, anchovies, manufactured there), the famous paprika from La Vera, oils, etc. Endless foods to each better. And I don't know, but it was also the area of ​​Spain where they treated us best, without detracting from the rest of course. There, we were also able to attend a vegetable and fruit carving workshop, of course all from Extremadura.

We were already tired and we went towards the exit, although the trip did not end. We saw a lady, who turned out to be very nice and friendly, making cans of anchovies at the Don Bocarte stand. There he explained to us how this work is done. The clean anchovies are salted for between 8 months and 5 years. Then they are simply removed, the salt and thorns are removed by hand and placed in the same way in each can. Finally filling with olive oil.

It was also very curious to observe that they have two brands, Don Bocarte for anchovies that come from the Cantabrian and Ten preserves for anchovies that come from Croatia.

We made out, we made out and in the end we ended up in Galicia tasting cheese and in Asturias with a culín of cider and some butter caps. In short, it was a very full day and a good way to get to know Spain in another way, worth the redundancy.

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