The successful Monsieur Cuisine food processor in WiFi returns to Lidl: on sale from June 23 for 359 euros

The food processor Monsieur Cuisine, one of the great phenomena of the Lidl bazaar, will be available again on its website next Tuesday, June 23, and from July 4 in physical stores.

The robot will return in a new version that especially stands for the possibility of connecting to the WIFI network to download recipes for free and without the need for a subscription, being the robot itself the one that follows the step by step through the LCD touch screen, thus avoiding the need for Bluetooth connection and external mobile device.

The machine, which in past years has been exhausted in a matter of days, will go on sale with a price of 359 euros, an amount much higher than that of other versions of the Monsieur Cuisine without Wi-Fi, but which remains competitive with respect to the great benchmark of this type of robots, Thermomix.

To satisfy the enormous demand of other years, Lidl has increased this time the units put up for sale. There will be more than 90,000 units available, compared to 75,000 last year.

10 functions and a bigger glass

In addition to the WiFi connection, the Monsieur Cuisine Connect has a new 3.1-liter glass, larger than that of the main competitors in the market, as well as the extended three-year warranty: an improvement in the user's post-purchase experience. .

Regarding operation, the robot stands out for being able to work at speed 0, which allows using functions such as the steamer and sauté without the blades moving or moving very slowly, thus achieving an optimal result in cooking.

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