The Herradura Tequila Route is back


If last year we had the opportunity to taste tapas paired with Tequila Herradura reposado during the first route, today we tell you that the Second Route of Tequila Herradura is already underway and will be running in some restaurants in Madrid until next July 3.

In this second edition of the Tequila Route, those attending the restaurants selected by the brand, receive a jug of the Frozen margarita cocktail, and participate in a raffle in which they can win a trip to the authentic Tequila route at Hacienda San José del Refugio, in Guadalajara, (Mexico).

For this second Herradura Tequila Route, the selected restaurants have been La Embajada, Otto, Fox, La Potente, Bianco Café and La tasca de la Costanilla, whose offer we briefly detail.

The Embassy

Repeat this restaurant that we already talked about here, a specialist in Mexican, Japanese and Mediterranean cuisine. A good restaurant where you can enjoy good dishes and finish with the margarita.


The Otto restaurant is located on Madrid's Paseo de la Castellana, it offers a good tapas and cocktail menu, so the preparation of Frozen margarita and aged margarita cocktails will have no secrets for them.


FOX restaurant is one of the novelties of this year. There we were able to try some of their snacking recipes. After the two cocktails, the Frozen Margarita made in the electric mixer to give a special texture like sorbet to the classic Mexican cocktail; and the nitrogen-cooled aged margarita and presented with the dried lemon.

Among other dishes in the presentation of the Herradura Tequila Route that took place at FOX, we tried a delicious assortment of cheeses, a beef carpaccio, a salad with guacamole, some homemade croquettes and a tuna tartare in different presentations.

Other restaurants participating in the Route

In addition to these restaurants, the restaurants La Potente (Cava Baja 42), Bianco Café (Príncipe de Vergara 126) and La tasca de la Costanilla (Costanilla de San Pedro 9) also participate in the Herradura Tequila Route.

In any of the participating restaurants on the Herradura Tequila Route, you can try the cocktails made with this premium quality Tequila to enjoy with cocktail recipes made with quality ingredients.

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