Wi Fi in restaurants, a service on the rise


Some time ago our colleague María Victoria Rodriguez launched a collaboration call on her personal blog, The Next Trip, to be able to draw up a list of Spanish hotels that offer free Wi-Fi among their services. The initiative seemed great to me then, since this is a service that is increasingly in demand in accommodation, and its availability or gratuity is not always clear. Some establishments charge exorbitant prices for daily connection, more or less corresponding to half a monthly fee for a home connection.

It is clear that some entrepreneurs have not yet discovered the potential behind this service, as attractive as it is necessary, but everything will come. Others have understood it perfectly and will surely reap the fruits. And moving from hotels to restaurants and bars, which touch us more closely, there is also an increasing demand for a decent Wi-Fi connection.

A month ago I had to spend a busy day in the city, with several commitments to fulfill, including a large chunk of downtime. I also had a lot of work to do, so I learned where I could have a good breakfast while working on the laptop without having to worry about modems and spikes.

And thanks to a forum, I discovered a free, fast and free connection point where for an hour and a quarter I could update my mail, work on some drafts and have a great breakfast. Around me, another laptop and several connected smartphones. Cost for the employer? I don't know, but knowing what we pay in the homes each month, I imagine that it compensates clearly.

And it is not only about being able to work with the laptop taking advantage of a downtime, there are more and more phones with an Internet connection with which to check email, update the status of social networks, or simply play with the location.

Some bars and cafes have a connection but limit it to a short time for consumption, others provide the password on the ticket without time limits, and some restaurants offer free and unlimited Wi-Fi. Each one will see how they decide to manage it, but it begins to be an added value, as well as a courtesy to the client.

Images via | @boetter and Steve Nagata on Flickr
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Sharing Wi-Fi in restaurants, a service on the rise

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