Wrap cease chicken. Recipe

A wrap is a preparation that can be eaten hot or cold. It is normally made with tortillas for wraps, although Mexican ones are also worth it. In fact it is very similar, what happens is that they are generally larger, there are wheat, tomato, spinach, etc.

The ingredients that we put inside can be very varied: salads, sauces, cold meats, chopped cooked eggs, olives, hot or cold chicken, veal, onion, pineapple, etc. In this case I have played a bit with the ingredients of a cesar salad to make this recipe for a wrap cesar chicken.

Ingredients for 2 people.

2 tortillas for wraps or 4 mexican, 2 marinated chicken breasts, 2 buds, cesar sauce, 4 anchovies, 50 gr of onion and Parmesan cheese.

For the marinade of chicken breasts, the juice of 1 lemon, olive oil and a few drops of perryns sauce.


The day before we marinated the chicken. We clean the possible fat that it has and in a bowl we add the lemon juice, a splash of olive oil and a few drops of perryns sauce.

The next day we open the breasts and grill them until they are well browned.

On the other hand we cut the buds and the onion in julienne strips, the anchovies into pieces and the Parmesan in chips.

We can use bought cesar sauce, there are some that are very good. If we cannot make a basic sauce recipe, stop with about 100 ml of mayonnaise or mayonnaise, 20 ml of water, 3 anchovies and 20 grams of grated Parmesan cheese. We crush it well and we already have our sauce cease.

On a tortilla wrap we put the cesar sauce on top of the cut buds, careful to put a lot since then I can not close the wrap. On top a few pieces of cut chicken, cut anchovies, Parmesan cheese and onion to taste.

To close the wrap we join two ends in the middle of it and with the two thumbs we lift one end and roll the wrap, we split in half and serve.

Processing time | 20 minutes. Difficulty | Easy


The recipe for wrap cesar chicken is just one of the thousands of combinations that we can make. We can also make that sandwich that we like the most and put it inside the wrap. The shape, the color combination that we obtain and the flavor will be unique.

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