XXIV Hall of Gourmets of Madrid

There is less for the XXIV edition of the Salón de Gourmets de Madrid. This year it will be held from April 12 to 15, 2010 at the fairgrounds of IFEMA in the Juan Carlos I park.

The Salón de Gourmets is mainly dedicated to professionals, although honestly, a lot of people go there and many are not strictly professionals. After all, gastronomy is the center of attention for many people. We will be able to see and taste many foods considered gourmet, in addition to another series of activities.

For example, the XII Wine Forum, a space reserved for cinema lovers with commented tastings, talks-colloquium as well as the XV edition of the Wine Tunnel where the best monovarietals in Spain are represented.

Other activities come from the hand of Extremadura has its corner too, and also very important The now famous Contest of Ham Cutters / Dehesa de Extremadura. Gastronomic workshops, tastings, etc. I'm almost licking my lips.

The truth is that you will understand why there are four days of the fair, since there are many activities and it is difficult to go to all of them in one day. For example, for the general public the Gourmets Senses workshop opens, with tastings, talks, educational classes on beer, oil, wine, coffee, etc. And there are also workshops for the smallest of the house.

Cheese, fruit and fish will be the main foods on this occasion in addition to the oyster opener contest, sommelier championships and the presentation of the I Salon du Chocolat Gourmets Madrid

Now it only remains to do the planning to try to miss as little as possible of the XXIV Madrid Gourmet Hall.

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