Zabaione, 100% Italian delicatessen


Zabaione or zabajone or zabaglione, can be written in three ways, it is a typical Piedmontese sweet, although it is already made practically all over Italy.

It basically consists of a sweet and frothy cream made from eggs, sugar and marsala wine, in the 50s with this cream a well-known liquor was created in Italy, Vov, the flavor of zabaione is very sweet and characteristic and has acquired own identity, asking to find ice creams, creams, and even candies made from this traditional dessert.

The authentic zabaione is obtained by beating the egg yolks with the sugar in a casserole until it becomes foamy, then the white wine is added little by little, if you do not have marsala on hand, it can be worth port wine, madeira, sherry .

Once the ingredients are well mixed, put on the fire over another pan with water, in a water bath, and stir constantly until the mixture is smooth and foamy, the most attractive way to serve it is in wide and low glasses, and it can be consumed warm or cold.

As its preparation is so simple, it has spread throughout Europe, both in home kitchens and in that of the best chefs, sometimes it is also prepared with non-liquor white or red wines such as barbera, nebbiolo and also arneis.

But zabaione, in addition to being taken alone, can accompany or be accompanied by ice cream, sponge cakes or as a filling for cakes and cakes, at Christmas you can add it as a topping for the famous panettone.

Zabaione can not only be offered as a tasty dessert, but also as a delicious and energetic snack, even for children, if it is prepared without wine. Keep in mind that its content is highly caloric, as it has 250 calories per 100 grams.

Perhaps this is why popular wisdom gave it revitalizing properties for love games.

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