Lobster zarzuela. Recipe

This morning, like so many others, I went to the fish shop of my friend Encarnita, without being clear that I intended to cook, yes, fish. As always, there was not one more clam on her counter. Variety, quality, abundance ... that's how it gives pleasure. It is not necessary to think that you are going to cook today, in front of such a range of possibilities, ideas assail you.

However today, like many other times, I have asked Encarnita for advice, how would you prepare this lobster today? And she, as kind and charming as ever, has told me how she makes this lobster zarzuela recipe. I can never thank you enough for the banquet I just gave you.

The ingredients

1 lobster, a couple of dozen lane clams, 2 handfuls of rice shrimp, 1 horse mackerel, 1 hake, 2 large squid (or a cuttlefish or cuttlefish), 3 ripe tomatoes, 1 onion, 2 garlic cloves, 1 glass of sherry brandy, a few strands of saffron, black pepper, EVOO (extra virgin olive oil), parsley and salt.

The elaboration of the zarzuela with lobster

We prepare the fish:

* We clean the hake, we remove its clean loins, we divide in 4 portions and we reserve. The head, trimmings and thorn we put in a pot with cold water, along with the prawns and the horse mackerel clean, on the fire, which boils 5 minutes, set aside, beat with the hand mixer, strain and reserve.

* We put the clams in salted water for a while, we take them out drained and we cook them, covered, steamed, until they are opened, set aside, check (in case one has sand or it has not opened, etc.) and reserve.

* In the pot where we are going to make the zarzuela, brown the lobster on all sides, in EVOO, until it changes color. We set aside and reserve.

* We clean and chop the squid.

In the casserole, with the oil of having browned the lobster, poach the finely chopped onion and the minced garlic, add the saffron, half the chopped parsley and, when everything is poached, add the grated tomatoes, 2 minutes. Add the brandy, reduce 1 minute and add the squid. As soon as they change color, add the broth that the clams have released, a couple of tablespoons of broth and leave to cook over a low heat for 2 minutes. We rectify with salt and sprinkle with freshly ground black pepper.

Chop the lobster, flour the hake and add both to the casserole, 2 or 3 minutes, just enough for them to cook and stay cooked. Add the clams, the rest of the chopped parsley, move the casserole and ready to taste.

Processing time | 40 minutes
Difficulty | Half


I am not exaggerating, this lobster zarzuela recipe is a delicacy, it could not be otherwise coming from Encarnita. It is also a dish that is enjoyed very much because, there is no choice but to "help" with your fingers, well, I eat directly with them, and that is a pleasure. The food is richer as well, without a doubt.

A chili pepper in the sofrito would not have been bad at all. Important bread for dipping and pushing and, of course, a very cold white or pink. This time I have uncorked a pink Espinel, which I had left from my last visit to Ronda. Perfect pairing.

Enjoy it at least as much as I do!

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