Zer0gluten, by María Luisa Barreiro. Recipe book


You already know the joy it gives me when a fellow blogger brings out a book, and more so if you have a more or less close relationship with her, as is this case, with María Luisa Barreiro, author of her book, the blog's namesake, Zer0gluten.

It all started when his eldest son, Martín, was diagnosed with celiac disease when he was only 16 months old. From there, Mª Luisa learned to cook with the same affection, in a different way. And as a result of his well-known blog this precious volume arises.

My passion for books published in the US and UK is extreme. There are thousands of publishers, many more than here, but they all have an edition and taste in the gastronomic field that are out of the ordinary. I would love that one day in Spain there were books of this type and I just ran into one when I had this copy in my hands.

The format is perfect, vertical, and has a reinforced soft cover and is glued, not sewn, I think it is a very good book for its design and content. Looking at the cover you can intuit what you will find in its almost 200 pages. A prelude of editorial quality.

With an exceptional prologue by Roberto González, The Pingue, Mª Luisa tells us in a brief introduction her little story, the reason for this book and what you will find in it, to give way to the recipes duly arranged in different sections: Soups and Creams, Appetizers and starters, Salads and vegetables, Senza Glutine , Meat, Fish and Sweets, which in turn includes different smaller sections such as Biscuits and cakes or Mid-afternoon.

If the quality and quantity of recipes seems perfect to me, I have marked a few, let alone the photographs that accompany each of the formulas and sections. As we are used to on her blog, the author and her husband make a perfect team, and delight us on each page with taste and quality.

In short, it is a beautiful book, but the important thing is that it serves as a guide to many people allergic to gluten who do not know what to cook or who always stick to the same dishes. With Zer0gluten we solve this problem and also enjoy.


Author | María Luisa Barreiro Editorial | Grijalbo ISBN | 9-788425-349836 Price | 19.90 euros

As you have seen in what I am telling you and seeing some images of its interior that I show you, María Luisa Barreiro's book, Zer0gluten is perfect in every way. A jewel that should not be missing in any kitchen.

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